Nintendo Wii Sports Video Game: A Review

We made a purchase of our lifetime recently here in Baltimore, Maryland during my visit to my son’s place. The occasion was the birthday of our grandson and we thought of giving him some great birthday gift. The idea stuck and we purchased the Wii game console along with the Wii game disc for him as his birthday gift. We have seen over a period of last two months that we have made the right decision in buying this excellent game console. I am going to cover a brief review of this Wii game console, Nintendo Japan Make, in this article.

While we went to the renowned stores for the toys of the kids like ‘Toys R Us’, we were surprised to learn that there was a big waiting list for buying this game. We booked our game before around one month and finally got a call to come and buy the game on a particular day. We made a point of reaching the stores exactly on the date we were called and were able to lay our hands on the Wii game set finally after around one month’s waiting period. The installation of the game console in our TV set was very easy and could be completed within only 5 minutes. The entire Wii game package was consisting of the Wii console, Wii remote, Nunchuck, sensor bar, AC adopter, Wii AV cable, and the Console stand. One game disc was also supplied to us, which was containing five games. These games were bawling, boxing, golf, tennis, and the baseball. This standard game disc is supplied with the Wii game console. We started playing the games as soon as the installation and connection procedures were completed. We have played all these five games during last couple of months and have immensely enjoyed it. Our grandson has become crazy towards this unique game and we have to make a fixed schedule for him to play. There are practice sessions designed in each game for the beginners. The bawling, tennis, and the boxing training sessions are particularly very nicely designed. One can create his own characters using this game console and name them as per his choice. We have created the characters for each of us and have been playing on those names. Let us start with the bawling. The practice session is named power throws. This session starts with 10 pins and ends finally with 91 pins at the end of ten stages. The total number of pins fallen down during the entire session is your score. Similarly, the practice session for bawling also is designed for practicing the spares. The game of boxing is very interesting. One needs to use the Nunchuck along with the Wii remote and just perform the act as if you are doing the real boxing. The points would be scored when your punch completely disrupts the punching bag from its stand. All the games supplied on the game disc have practice sessions, specially designed to train players of various skill levels.

Once you have practiced enough to learn the basic aspects of the game, the actual game playing can be commenced. Each game of bawling consists of ten rounds and the points of each round are scored separately. Each character’s score and levels are continuously updated and displayed time to time on the screen. There are many other features also like weather information, news channel, etc. on the game console. The remote supplied also comes with the wristband so that the remote do not get thrown away while playing. The periodical warning also keep on appearing on the screen suggesting the players to take break after around half an hour’s play. One key feature is that you can also play Wii with some of your friends and relatives, staying at different places but having similar Wii game console, assuming the names of the created characters. I had a misconception about video games that they do not provide enough physical exercise to the body. I was wrong as the Wii game console provides considerable physical exercise as each game is to be played with the real game action. Particularly, games like tennis and boxing can really tire you and provide enough exercise.

Wii game console is normally supplied with only one remote. We bought a second remote extra so as to facilitate playing two players without changing the remote after each round. If you need any additional game, you can buy the game disc for that game. We purchased additional game disc of table tennis by paying $50 extra. The entire game console with the main game disc cost around $280 with the taxes. The game console can be connected on any standard conventional TV without any problems. One point of caution is to make sure remove the game disc from the console once you are finished with the game.

This game is really very unique and certainly provides the best recreation with the physical exercise and hence, I have no hesitation in recommending it to all my AC friends and readers to buy it as it is enjoyable to all ages of people from 5 years and above.