Instructions On Playing Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links

Are you got bored while playing regular online game? Are you still missing the old card games which you played in your childhood? Or are you a great fanatic of anime characters? Then you must try the all new Yu Gi Oh duel links, a powerful a real time trading virtual card game which has both online and offline functions.

How to play Yu Gi Oh Duel Links

If you have already watched the original Yu Gi Oh anime series, then you would be familiar with the characters given and moreover you will fall in love with the game sooner. If you are even a beginner with anime, it would take some time to understand the game, but don’t you worry about it. All the game modes and other stuffs are clearly explained through tutorials.

At the beginning, the player will be questioned in selecting a card among two characters, either Yugi Moto or Seto Keiba. After selecting the card, you will get access to the starting deck. Even though you can’t select the other character in the beginning, don’t worry, you will eventually get access to other cards and characters in further levels.

After choosing your favourite character, start the battle against ordinary duellist to the great legendary Duellists and increase the level of your characters and start earning new cards, complete the given missions which all helps you in getting into higher stages and gain access to new character cards. As you play through the duel links, you will get more levels and more interesting tasks to be completed. Nothing can make your day better, than getting a signature card, like blue Eyes White Dragon or Dark magician by defeating the duel champion of the week. There are multiple phases in the game such as Draw, Standby, Main, Battle and End which all starts with a coin toss to determine who has the chance to draw first. After further completion you will get access to unlock PVP mode, where you get chances to duel against your own friends, after adding them to your lists and don’t ever forget to collect gems and use them wisely and it is not an easy job to collect the gems in your game play.

Duel Links

Even though there are many such traditional trade card games in play store, the Yu Gi Oh Duel Links stands aside and top in the list, with its advanced graphics and animation and the way they have used the anime characters in the trade cards. This game also has an available yu gi oh duel links hack which is a very huge plus. The team Konami has worked hard and the hardship is showcased through the interesting stuff have done in the game. No one can resist the cuteness of the emotions which the characters express and the dialogues they speak, when they win or lose. All these stuff managed in the gamed to stand in a better position, both in trade card games and in play store.

Duel Online

If you are getting bored the computerized battle schemes in offline mode then you can take the game to next level by connecting to network. With Duel Online mode you can gain access to fight or duel against real time opponents around the world who are currently in online. You can also fight against your own friends with their recent high scores after you connect your friends through your Facebook login passage. You can even share your high scores directly in Facebook and can also invite your friends to try the game.

Best Decks to choose from

After you get familiar with the game then you need to cross a situation where you have to choose a deck from random options. Even though you can always try other cards in future, it is useful to know which to choose and if you wish to avoid failures in duel against your friendly enemy. So here are the lists of best cards to choose from.

It is not easy to create the best decks for the beginner. All you can do is duel against legendary duellist who already has won the best cards. After you won, be aware of the power of the card you choose. The top decks you cannot resist to choose are as follows.

  1. Dinosaur Kingdom
  2. Daedalus
  3. Kazejin & BEWD
  4. Toon Mermaid
  5. Two Fusion Dragons