Getting the best Resources in Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is what we call a strategic game, where you build, where you have to go to war or defend your land from time to time. What happens is that you need to build your base and fight goblin armies which you would need to destroy the most amount possible. You will get the stars and your prize also depends on that. This game is easier to play in a multiplayer mode because otherwise the loss is quite guaranteed.  For being longer in the game you need 3 key things:

  • Gold
  • Elixir
  • Gems

The biggest issue for many players is that although the game and its natural progress is free, if one wants to get something extra or wants to get along quicker, they need to pay real money for that. That’s exactly why there are so many people who work on exploiting hacks or on offering hacks  ( for free or for smaller amount of money ) for all those avid gamers who would love to play some more, possibly as free as possible.


Let’s get started:

  • Paying sites: offering gold, elixir and gems (unlimited amount) once you download the hack program which is unfortunately not free.
  • Open-Source Boost Bots:  these are normally offered on specific websites generally only visited by those gaming experts who really want to learn and exploit a game as much as possible. These bots are complete programs which are literally game-changers. They include tons of improvements to the game as a whole, from the variety of backgrounds to added search options, updated donations, improvements of Android and this is just the beginning. The good thing in these is, that they also improve the whole gaming process.
  • Resource hacks:  there are lots of hacks which only concentrate on the clash of clans free gems because these are the ones which are worth the most and the hardest to get. This will not help your game but you will be able to stay in for a way longer time and will be able to achieve much more in a much shorter amount of time, without having to pay. These can be found on independent websites or on torrent.

You can download hacks straight from websites or you can also torrent them which is a bit better as good torrent sites have some basic virus scanners built in so they may screen lots of spammy links which would harm your computer/mobile.

What to take care before downloading hacks:

  • Read everything as thoroughly as possible. You don’t want to commit to something that may later on require or simply withdraw money from your account, especially if it’s something untrusted.
  • Don’t download anything unless you have a great antivirus installed. These bots and hacks have the tendency to carry some „extra package” which can do all sorts of interesting scanning in your system.  Try to avoid this happening with you.
  • Don’t want unlimited amount of hacks. It’s a trap and also what’s the reason of the game if you get everything you should otherwise play hard for?