Review of Pandora App for Google Android Phones

Pandora finally comes to Google Android based phones.
The Google Android based phones have been called the iPhone killer for a number of reasons. One of these reasons is the Google Marketplace where thousands of Apps are available for phones running the Android OS such as the T-mobile G1 and the T-Mobile MyTouch with Google. The majority of these Apps for Android are free to download and use.

Pandora is a website that allows users to create custom “radio” stations based on their favorite bands and genres of music. For example I created a separate station for each genre of music I like such as a station for “Metal” and a station for “Electronic.” I then entered a few names of bands within those genres and Pandora generates an endless streaming playlist of music that is similar to those bands.

Pandora allows users to vote down music they don’t like so it won’t play again and vote up music that they enjoy. Pandora’s software uses a number of factors to determine what music to play based on the bands or artists entered by the user. A nice feature of Pandora is that it exposes users to new bands and artists similar to those that they already like.

For smartphones, Pandora has been available for the Apple iPhone as well as the Blackberry and Palm Pre for quite some time. Android users waited months after an initial announcement for the Pandora Mobile App to come to Android phones.

So was it worth the wait?

Pandora for Google Android phones is free to download and use from the Marketplace. The program automatically imports a user’s custom stations and settings from their online Pandora account (they offer free and low cost accounts) or allows users to create an account right on the phone.

The layout is nice and the most used options sit at the bottom of the screen such as vote up or down, access to one’s stations, a “next” button, and a “play/pause” button. Pressing the phone’s Menu button brings up the Preference menu, and an option to buy the current song for download. The built in ads aren’t as much of an interruption on the mobile Pandora as on the full web version which is a welcome feature.

The Now Playing screen features the song’s album artwork as well as band name and song name. Pressing the Info “i” at the top right allows you to view a biography about the band being played.

The controls are intuitive and easy to use and the audio quality is surprisingly good. Under Preferences the quality can be adjusted to High Quality but based on network availability the streaming music may skip or buffer more.

One feature I’d like to see on the Pandora mobile app is the ability to add new artists to an existing station directly from the phone. As of September 2009 this option does not appear available. However you can create new stations and quick mixes within the phone.

Overall this is a killer app for Google Android phones and with a free version available it is worth a try. Personally I find the Pandora app far superior to IMEEM’s mobile music player, Pandora’s algorithm for determining similar music is just better than IMEEM, audio quality seems better, and the program crashes less frequently than IMEEM.

This is a must have app for music lovers.

Motorola Triumph Hands on Review

A powerful Android Smartphone on a no contract carrier? Many speculated that it would never happen, but the Motorola Triumph for Virgin Mobile proved them wrong. FYI – Check out my Motorola Triumph video review by clicking HERE or click HERE to see a test of the video and photo functionality.

One of the first things to notice about the Motorola Triumph is that it looks very similar to the Motorola Droid X. The Triumph measures 4.80″ x 2.60″ x 0.39″ with a 4.1″ WVGA screen and features an HDMI output and a 3.5mm headphone jack. It has four soft buttons across the bottom of the front face, a hard power button on the left side and a volume rocker on the right side. The Triumph also sports a 5MP camera with flash and a VGA front-facing camera for video chat. It has a 1Ghz processor which is more than adequate for Android 2.2.

Enough about the tech specs, which can be found HERE on Motorola’s website. You want to know how it performs. I’m here to say that the Triumph is a very capable smartphone, especially considering it is offered without a contract on Virgin Mobile.

After a day of use, I’ve found that the Motorola Triumph hasn’t had any problems with anything I’ve thrown at it. With consistent Quadrant scores of over 1450, the Triumph outperforms the Motorola X Droid and the Nexus One, as well as the HTC EVO and Samsung Galaxy S.

Another benchmark that even non power users will understand, is Angry Birds. Angry Birds plays perfectly on the Triumph with no visible lag or graphical glitches, even on the ad-supported verison.

The screen looks great from just about any angle and is bright enough to see in the sunlight on its brightest settings. The touchscreen supports multitouch and is very responsive. With a 4.1″ screen, the Triumph should work well, even if you have large hands.

The volume gets more than adequately loud, making it an excellent device to listen to music from your desk. It is also ideal for using speakerphone, with a microphone that is also plenty sensitive for this functionality.

The GPS functionality works great, but I have been disabling GPS unless I actively need it to save battery life. When waking the GPS functionality it can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes to connect to GPS satellites, but that is to be expected on any phone.


The Triumph also supports both 3G and Wifi. The 3G speeds seemed excellent in initial tests, allowing me to use Google Maps, surf the web and download apps at excellent speeds. Wifi speeds were even better, allowing me to integrate the Triumph into my home network.

The HDMI output is a cool feature. While I haven’t found many uses for it yet, it is no doubt an excellent feature. The phone automatically mirrors its display to your HDTV as soon as the HDMI cable is connected, so there’s no need to navigate menus to enable the output. Pictures and games look great on the TV screen, as well as photos and videos.

As for downsides, I would like for the screen to be able to be awakened using the soft keys on front instead of the power button on the side, but this is par for the course. I also need to mess with the video and photo settings more, as some of the videos have come out a bit blurry when there is a lot of action going on. If I find any other issues with the phone, I will be publishing a follow-up review, so check back often.


Instead of purchasing a screen protector, which can be as much as $14.99, keep the plastic covering that is on the Motorola Triumph out of the box on. It has a tab on the lower left corner for easy removal, which can be cut off, resulting in a screen protector that you don’t have to deal with the hassle of installing.

If you are looking for an micro-HDMI cable for the Triumph, THIS 6′ cable can be purchased for $3.85 shipped. While it says it is for the HTC EVO 4G, it will work on any device requiring a micro-HDMI cable, and works perfect on the Triumph.

What are some key facts about Facebook Hack?

Key Facts Regarding Facebook Hack

Social networking applications taken over the internet and these applications and websites become the billion dollar companies. There are lots of Social Network Sites websites but Facebook is the oldest and the most popular one until now. This is developed by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 and still now, there are billions of users according to its developers. Creating an account on Facebook is free and here, you can connect to anyone. In reality, this is the application which connected the world in many ways. You can find people from every religion as well as region. Perhaps, there is no one who doesn’t know about it. There are many users who have created account years ago and now, they can’t remember the password. In this condition, the Facebook hack can help because this is a tool which provides password in a couple of minutes. This tool is installed on a website to use. Well, this is easy to use it.


How to Recover Your Account with Facebook Hack?

There are many times when many people can’t access to their own account due to some technical problem or they forget their password. In this condition, the thing which is helpful is the Facebook password hack. The method of using this tool is very easy and the thing which you need to do in this condition is to visit the official website of it. As you visit the official website, here you can find that there is a column for your Facebook username and if you don’t know your username then you can enter your email address. After entering it, you have to tap in connect button. This thing will take a couple of minutes and when the account will be connected then this will show you profile picture and some other information. If this is your account then click on hack and in few second it will start decrypting the account information by accessing the Facebook server. Now, the hack tool will try every possible password and try to unlock it. As the password work, then it will be shown to you. Now, open your account and log in. make sure that you change your password and set out recovery email address including phone number. This way you won’t face any issue in future.

Facebook Hack: Reviews

Every tool has reviews column and this is also with the Facebook hack. Everyone who uses this tool provides reviews but most of the users provide their reviews in favor because they love to use it. Basically, 90% of the users are satisfied by it because this is secure to use. If you also feel the same after using it then must provide the review. Well, there is no other tool like this. You need to be selective in your approach while searching for a tool that seems like this. Mostly reviews regarding a tool help in knowing about the safe tool available. The use of the fake tool can be troublesome because you may end your access to Facebook.

How to Get the Most Out of the Spore Cell Stage

The cell stage of Spore is by far the most simple of the games stages but to consider it a tutorial level or something truly simple is to over look much of what this game is. Spore is not a game that is designed to challenge a person in the way that most video games do but instead it is designed to help you create something rather than simply trying to destroy.
You will begin the stage by choosing whether you want to be a herbivore or a carnivore. This will in some ways define you throughout the game, though you can change this to some extent as you advance and even become an omnivore but it is still worth considering. Do you want to befriend everyone or simply wipe them out.

From this point on you’ll be mostly focusing on getting food. Food comes in the form of green plants and red flesh. You’ll focus on whatever type it is that you are able to eat, at least until you get to the point where you can become an omnivore.

As you eat you’ll get DNA points. These allow you to add more to your creature, spikes, fins, jets, electricity, poison and eyes just to name a few. These will allow you to either kill prey or defend yourself, as well as move faster, turn better and see.

Do not underestimate the value of speed in this level. Your weapons are only as useful as your ability to outmaneuver your opponent creatures. Also there is no real loss to dying beyond the fact that the game keeps track of how many times you do.

As you eat you will also grow. This means that if you find food that is too big for you to eat currently you might be able to do so once you get bigger. It also allows you to get some revenge on those creatures which harassed you while you were tiny.

One major thing to keep in mind is that each stage gives you one trait. In this stage it is the type of food you’ll eat. If you don’t want to be a herbivore but an omnivore try to keep the amount about even and even then it isn’t always easy.

This is the simplest part of the spore game and you’ll play through it in about an hour, but it is a lot of fun and without it the other parts of the game simply mean less.

Need a Break from the PC? Here Are 8 Mobile Games to Play

Looking to take a break from the PC for a little while, but you just can’t give up the games? Fortunately, mobile gaming has you covered. Especially the Apple app store. iPod Touch and iPhone owners have a wide variety of games to choose from that fits any gaming style. These are my top mobile games of the moment.
We Rule Quests

It’s resource management with a bit of a twist (and no Facebook spam). You build your kingdom, plant your crops and order from your friends kingdoms. Each order you make gives you back money and experience once it’s delivered. Every so often, you take a “quest” where you order from certain buildings and once all the items are delivered, you receive a free building or decoration for your kingdom – like a King or a Queen.

Developer NGMoco is constantly updating the game. At least once a week new buildings and new content is added. The game is completely free, but in app purchases of “mojo” are available to give players a building boost.

Civilization Revolution

Civilization Revolution has every feature that we’re used to and somehow fits on the iPhone. Choose your leader from a variety of historical greats and get to work. You can build up your civilization and choose how you’ll come out on top. Either you dominate the enemy through warfare, stay on the moral highground and be the cultured great one or you can gloat with your money that moves the world economy.

At $6.99, the price tag is a little high but the game does go on sale from time to time in the app store. However, the game doesn’t require wifi to play which makes it a good option for iPod Touch users that aren’t near a hotspot.


N.O.V.A is a first person shooter for the iPhone. This game is also available for Android as well. The look of N.O.V.A is similar to “Halo”, and the gameplay is nicely tailored to a touch screen. You begin with a tutorial that you should not skip. Getting used to a game like this on the iPhone is not easy. Once the controls are figured out, you can go what you have been waiting for – go blow everything up!

The game does come with a $4.99 price tag, but Gameloft tends to push updates out fairly often.

Pocket Legends

Pocket Legends is the MMORPG for the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. Similar to other fantasy MMOs, Pocket Legends has hack and slash quests and dungeon crawls with some phat loot at the end of each. Players can choose from 3 different classes and later customize things with loot obtained from quests.

Pocket Legends is a must have for any MMO fan. The game is free to download and play, but it does offer in app purchases.

Honorable Mentions:

Trade Nations – it’s a newer resource management title, but you really should try it out!

Command and Conquer: Red Alert – Great for the iPod Touch, but iPhone users are having problems with it.

Oregon Trail – The original game for the iPhone

Flood It 2 – Just a fun puzzle game that’s a great time killer

Mugen Game: Resident Evil

It was bound to happen. With Jill Valentine’s appearance in Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, and the emulation of said game’s home ports, a Resident Evil fan game has been born. To be more specific, A Resident Evil fighting game.
The cast includes Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, Albert Wesker, Tyrant and a few of his undead/infected friends. Most of the sprites are from Jill’s Marvel vs. Capcom 2 appearance, while others are edits from other games. Redfield for example is an edit of SFA’s Charlie.

The Chris Redfield sprite edit is an eyesore. I understand that character was released before this project was even started. It would have been a much better idea to either make one from scratch, or use a base that would blend it better with the rest of the cast.

Backgounds and music do a great job of emulating the Resident Evil mood. The game’s lifebars are unrefined, dull, and end up being a detraction when at pull power. Overall it can be fun to play. The main problem I have with this game is it’s lack of stability.

For some reason when playing as or against Jill, the game crashes. The error message says there is a problem with her sound file.Such problems are to be expected with beta releases. Hopefully the final version will have everything in working order.

Download location:

Instructions On Playing Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links

Are you got bored while playing regular online game? Are you still missing the old card games which you played in your childhood? Or are you a great fanatic of anime characters? Then you must try the all new Yu Gi Oh duel links, a powerful a real time trading virtual card game which has both online and offline functions.

How to play Yu Gi Oh Duel Links

If you have already watched the original Yu Gi Oh anime series, then you would be familiar with the characters given and moreover you will fall in love with the game sooner. If you are even a beginner with anime, it would take some time to understand the game, but don’t you worry about it. All the game modes and other stuffs are clearly explained through tutorials.

At the beginning, the player will be questioned in selecting a card among two characters, either Yugi Moto or Seto Keiba. After selecting the card, you will get access to the starting deck. Even though you can’t select the other character in the beginning, don’t worry, you will eventually get access to other cards and characters in further levels.

After choosing your favourite character, start the battle against ordinary duellist to the great legendary Duellists and increase the level of your characters and start earning new cards, complete the given missions which all helps you in getting into higher stages and gain access to new character cards. As you play through the duel links, you will get more levels and more interesting tasks to be completed. Nothing can make your day better, than getting a signature card, like blue Eyes White Dragon or Dark magician by defeating the duel champion of the week. There are multiple phases in the game such as Draw, Standby, Main, Battle and End which all starts with a coin toss to determine who has the chance to draw first. After further completion you will get access to unlock PVP mode, where you get chances to duel against your own friends, after adding them to your lists and don’t ever forget to collect gems and use them wisely and it is not an easy job to collect the gems in your game play.

Duel Links

Even though there are many such traditional trade card games in play store, the Yu Gi Oh Duel Links stands aside and top in the list, with its advanced graphics and animation and the way they have used the anime characters in the trade cards. This game also has an available yu gi oh duel links hack which is a very huge plus. The team Konami has worked hard and the hardship is showcased through the interesting stuff have done in the game. No one can resist the cuteness of the emotions which the characters express and the dialogues they speak, when they win or lose. All these stuff managed in the gamed to stand in a better position, both in trade card games and in play store.

Duel Online

If you are getting bored the computerized battle schemes in offline mode then you can take the game to next level by connecting to network. With Duel Online mode you can gain access to fight or duel against real time opponents around the world who are currently in online. You can also fight against your own friends with their recent high scores after you connect your friends through your Facebook login passage. You can even share your high scores directly in Facebook and can also invite your friends to try the game.

Best Decks to choose from

After you get familiar with the game then you need to cross a situation where you have to choose a deck from random options. Even though you can always try other cards in future, it is useful to know which to choose and if you wish to avoid failures in duel against your friendly enemy. So here are the lists of best cards to choose from.

It is not easy to create the best decks for the beginner. All you can do is duel against legendary duellist who already has won the best cards. After you won, be aware of the power of the card you choose. The top decks you cannot resist to choose are as follows.

  1. Dinosaur Kingdom
  2. Daedalus
  3. Kazejin & BEWD
  4. Toon Mermaid
  5. Two Fusion Dragons

Nintendo Wii Sports Video Game: A Review

We made a purchase of our lifetime recently here in Baltimore, Maryland during my visit to my son’s place. The occasion was the birthday of our grandson and we thought of giving him some great birthday gift. The idea stuck and we purchased the Wii game console along with the Wii game disc for him as his birthday gift. We have seen over a period of last two months that we have made the right decision in buying this excellent game console. I am going to cover a brief review of this Wii game console, Nintendo Japan Make, in this article.

While we went to the renowned stores for the toys of the kids like ‘Toys R Us’, we were surprised to learn that there was a big waiting list for buying this game. We booked our game before around one month and finally got a call to come and buy the game on a particular day. We made a point of reaching the stores exactly on the date we were called and were able to lay our hands on the Wii game set finally after around one month’s waiting period. The installation of the game console in our TV set was very easy and could be completed within only 5 minutes. The entire Wii game package was consisting of the Wii console, Wii remote, Nunchuck, sensor bar, AC adopter, Wii AV cable, and the Console stand. One game disc was also supplied to us, which was containing five games. These games were bawling, boxing, golf, tennis, and the baseball. This standard game disc is supplied with the Wii game console. We started playing the games as soon as the installation and connection procedures were completed. We have played all these five games during last couple of months and have immensely enjoyed it. Our grandson has become crazy towards this unique game and we have to make a fixed schedule for him to play. There are practice sessions designed in each game for the beginners. The bawling, tennis, and the boxing training sessions are particularly very nicely designed. One can create his own characters using this game console and name them as per his choice. We have created the characters for each of us and have been playing on those names. Let us start with the bawling. The practice session is named power throws. This session starts with 10 pins and ends finally with 91 pins at the end of ten stages. The total number of pins fallen down during the entire session is your score. Similarly, the practice session for bawling also is designed for practicing the spares. The game of boxing is very interesting. One needs to use the Nunchuck along with the Wii remote and just perform the act as if you are doing the real boxing. The points would be scored when your punch completely disrupts the punching bag from its stand. All the games supplied on the game disc have practice sessions, specially designed to train players of various skill levels.

Once you have practiced enough to learn the basic aspects of the game, the actual game playing can be commenced. Each game of bawling consists of ten rounds and the points of each round are scored separately. Each character’s score and levels are continuously updated and displayed time to time on the screen. There are many other features also like weather information, news channel, etc. on the game console. The remote supplied also comes with the wristband so that the remote do not get thrown away while playing. The periodical warning also keep on appearing on the screen suggesting the players to take break after around half an hour’s play. One key feature is that you can also play Wii with some of your friends and relatives, staying at different places but having similar Wii game console, assuming the names of the created characters. I had a misconception about video games that they do not provide enough physical exercise to the body. I was wrong as the Wii game console provides considerable physical exercise as each game is to be played with the real game action. Particularly, games like tennis and boxing can really tire you and provide enough exercise.

Wii game console is normally supplied with only one remote. We bought a second remote extra so as to facilitate playing two players without changing the remote after each round. If you need any additional game, you can buy the game disc for that game. We purchased additional game disc of table tennis by paying $50 extra. The entire game console with the main game disc cost around $280 with the taxes. The game console can be connected on any standard conventional TV without any problems. One point of caution is to make sure remove the game disc from the console once you are finished with the game.

This game is really very unique and certainly provides the best recreation with the physical exercise and hence, I have no hesitation in recommending it to all my AC friends and readers to buy it as it is enjoyable to all ages of people from 5 years and above.

Hacking Super Mario Run is super easy

Super Mario Run is a video game first developed for iOS and reached Android later. It is free to play game for a particular number of levels. And then, you will have to pay for it to play further. The gamers become interested in the game in the free levels and they are tempted to pay for it to unlock the following levels.

There are some websites which provide Super Mario Run Hack: Unlimited Coins & Full Game Unlock. If you are new to the game and got addicted to it, you need not to worry about for having to pay to unlock the higher levels. Unlocking the further levels can be done without any difficulty whatsoever. These hacks not only help to unlock all the levels but also get you as many coins as you wish to store in your account. And, all these can be done within two minutes if not less.

You can visit any website that provides you with Super Mario Run hack. There, you will have to access the generate option after which you will be asked to enter your username. This is done because the hack providers need to locate your account to send you the sources i.e. coins and to unlock all the levels for you. Then, you should enter the platform of your device i.e. iOS, Android etc. Finally you need to mention the number of coins you want to have and click the generate button. As soon as this is done, the sources will be added to your account and all your levels will be unlocked.

The reason behind why you should use a Super Mario Run hack is that you can experience the complete fun of this fabulous game only with your account filled with high number of coins. You can enjoy it without even having to hard earn the coins. This means that you will save a huge amount of time which you would have otherwise spent in collecting the coins. So, you will find more amount of playtime.

There are lot more advantages of using a hack tool. Once you register your username under a hack tool, they will not only give you coins and unlock all the levels but also they will keep updating your account if there is new update in the game by the developers. In other words, if any new feature is introduced to the game, it will be automatically added to your account even without your effort. Another boon of using a hack tool is that your device is never at risk of being attacked by spywares, malwares or viruses because hack tools are available only online.

A question which is most frequently asked by most of the gamers about hacking tools is, “Does it work. The simple answer for this question is that if a developer can write codes to develop a game, another person can also recode it to make some alterations. And moreover, hacking a game is not at all a strange thing nowadays.

Online Generator Tool for Hay Day

Hay Day is one of the most popular games ever released on mobile phones. It’s because it’s peaceful, it has no age limits or other expectations and still you are building a great farm with cute animals and you help each other producing things by way of feeding your animals and harvest all the goods you can get.

Some end up with great large farms and today, diamonds are released easier by way of watching movies or changing levels. But as all of us who ever played this great cute game know, diamonds are always in need. So it’s all natural that the wide majority of the hacks concentrate on the diamonds because in Hay Day, you can earn coins relatively easy, but when it comes to diamonds, you will eventually find all sorts of difficulties surrounding this subject. Unless you decide to open your purse and pay some money to get them. Not to mention that hopping levels won’t be as easy either.

So, let’s get to see what we can find online when looking around for Hay Day Hack: Hay Day Free Diamonds :

Online Diamond and Coin generating tools: 

Insta generating hack websites:  there is a great deal of insta-generating websites, where all you need is to enter your Hay Day Account information, your order of diamonds /coins and your order generates up to 4 hours from the initial booking. The websites offer coins, gold and diamonds.

There is seemingly no easily reachable downloadable options for this app it looks like mobile apps work better with script-based hacks, especially when connected to Facebook.

As it comes to online apps, let me also share some of the dangers of downloading anything that requires you to fill out anything or connect your social media account to any virtually unknown app.

Red flags of hacks:

  • It prompts you to download something: you don’t know what that is. In fact anyone can get a 100% guarantee badge on their website. And if you see that badge then you can also be almost sure that whatever you are to download, the site will want you to pay for it.
  • It prompts you to pay for it. There are tons of hacks out there. Some good ones need more search but never pay for hacks. Then rather support the developers of the real deal and pay for your diamonds.
  • It offers “unlimited” amounts of anything. There is no such thing as unlimited. In fact it’s healthier to offer just 10-20 diamonds as an extra. What would you do with a million of diamonds?  Even if it was true you would lose the joy in playing the game without the challenge.

The reason is simple: it’s easier to get to diamonds now in Hay Day than it used to be. There are several tips and cheats which can further help you obtaining diamonds. This is why no one is that badly in need of hacks. But there are some cheats I’d definitely like to talk about regarding getting some more diamonds: